Current Projects and Partners

The following partners have suggested for the 2018/19 academic year have been confirmed. Please see below for more information about each organisation, including a project which they would like to co-develop with students engaged through the Engaging the Modern City module.

Leeds Playhouse

Leeds Playhouse (formerly West Yorkshire Playhouse) is a sector-leading organisation creating world class, relevant and compelling theatre with the power to transform people’s lives.  Their award-winning Creative Engagement programme forms a core part of the creative output of the organisation. Working with approximately 10,000 people every year, the programme uses theatre and creativity to open up possibilities for people of all ages and backgrounds. A key challenge for the organisation is to understand the social impact of the programme as a whole in a rigorous and consistent manner.

Suggested project: to develop a project which will find fresh approaches and research methodologies to evaluate this vital programme.

The Works Skatepark

The Works Skatepark is a charitable organisation dedicated to the development of children and young people, with a 25,000 square foot indoor sports facility based in Hunslet, an inner city area of south Leeds. Their education programme provides an alternative learning environment for children and young people aged 7-16 who cannot access mainstream education, and a Post-16 provision for young people whose needs are not being met by mainstream education. These programmes have enabled the organisation to develop significant expertise in managing risk and developing resilience. Like many other charities, they are looking to develop a portfolio of corporate relationships which extends beyond models of sponsorship.

Suggested project: to explore the relationship between risk, resilience and organisational development, and investigate the potential to develop a corporate training programme based around risk and resilience.

The Performance Ensemble

The Performance Ensemble is a company of performers over the age of 60 from a range of different performance skills and diverse cultures. The Ensemble occupies the space between professional, amateur and community theatre practise, creating high quality performance that emerges from the heart of communities. They seek to understand the critical role the arts can play locally, nationally and internationally in informing fresh policies and services that will sustain a quality of life for an increasing population of older people. The company is about to embark on development project culminating in a five-year strategic plan.

Suggested project: to investigate and research topics that will support and inform the mission and values of the organisation, which will guide the future programme of activities and provide evidence for fundraising and income generation.

East Street Arts

East Street Arts is an artist-led contemporary arts organisation working across the UK and EU. Their mission is to support artists to create work that brings lasting change to our everyday lives. For the last 25 years the organisation has grown an extensive activities programme, delivered professional development and become a leading provider of temporary and permanent space to the creative community. To mark this achievement the organisation plans to develop a series of artistic activities that poses questions about its current position on a range of visual arts and wider sector issues.

Suggested project: to assess the organisation’s core services and how artistic talent has contributed to wider strategic developments in Leeds and across the arts sector.

South Asian Arts-uk

South Asian Arts-uk is a centre of excellence in Indian Classical Music and Dance.  For over 20 years the charity has made a significant contribution to the UK cultural landscape and the education, celebration and evolution of South Asian classical music and dance.

Over the next four years the charity will develop a programme mobilising South Asian communities to fully participate and contribute to Leeds Cultural Strategy. This will include creating space (both digital and physical) where the six largest South Asian communities in Leeds have an opportunity to display the vibrancy of their culture and have a voice in the City.

Suggested project: to undertake research that will inform and shape this programme, exploring existing models of community engagement and documenting the contribution of each community to the City’s cultural landscape ensuring these communities have a voice and agency in shaping the City’s cultural offer.