CDE Associate Member Shane Singh publishes new book on compulsory voting

We’re very pleased to announce that CDE Associate Member Dr Shane Singh has had a new book published with Oxford University Press on compulsory voting.

Book Beyond Turnout by Shane Singh

Book Beyond Turnout by Shane Singh

The book entitled Beyond Turnout – how compulsory voting shapes citizens and political parties, draws from Dr Singh’s very extensive research over the past few years on compulsory voting and behaviour outcomes.

Dr Singh had already presented some of its early findings in a seminar he delivered to the Centre back in 2019.



The book:

  • provides a comprehensive study on compulsory voting and its uses
  • provides an extremely thorough review of the literature on compulsory voting
  • Presents information about various empirical methods for identifying the causal impact of compulsory voting, and collects data from Argentina to estimate a regression discontinuity model
  • Uses sophisticated quantitative models, and reports results through figures in a clear, easy to interpret manner
  • Compares compulsory voting with other policies aimed at boosting turnout