Evidence given to Constitution Committee inquiry on the legislative process

Professor Leston-Bandeira, co-director of the Centre for Democratic Engagement, was part of a group of experts who gave oral evidence to the Constitution Committee of the House of Lords, on public engagement with the legislative process, together with Dr Thompson (Surrey University). The invitation to give oral evidence followed the written evidence they had submitted to the Constitution Committee’s current inquiry on the legislative process. Professor Leston-Bandeira’s evidence drew from her extensive research on public engagement with parliament and, in particular, from a study funded by a British Academy / Leverhume Trust grant on the public reading stage of the House of Commons.

In her evidence, Professor Leston-Bandeira outlined the different roles performed by public engagement, the need to cater for different audiences and that public engagement should be integrated into the parliamentary process rather than being an add-on. You can listen to her evidence here.